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Hours of Operation

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 9:00am to 4:00pm
Closed: Monday & Tuesday

Summer hours (June, July, August)
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00am to 2:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 9:00am to 4:00pm
Closed: Monday & Tuesday

The Coeur d’Alene Skeet & Trap Club is focused on shotgun sports for the whole family. The club offers trap fields, skeet fields (with Wobble) & a 5-stand course.  We do not offer rifle or pistol shooting facilities. 

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Member:  $7.50/Skeet & Trap $8.50/5-stand
Non-Member:  $12/Skeet & Trap $13/5-stand
2022 Individual or Family Membership: $100

Jr. Rounds (Age 17 & Under):
Member: $6.50 (Skeet & Trap)
Non-Member: $11.50 (Skeet & Trap)
Punch Cards (Members Only): $90 (Skeet & Trap); $102 (5-stand); $78 (Junior)

In an effort to uphold our commitment to safety, any member or non-member not familiar to the staff will be required to be accompanied on the field by a staff Range Safety Officer. If its your first time shooting on our range you will be accompanied by an RSO for a weapons safety check. Availability of the Range Safety Officer is limited, so please call ahead for an appointment.

The club is open to both members and the public.


On May 17, 2022, primary elections for Kootenai County are being held and this year, more than ever, we urge our members to get out and vote. This is not only for reasons related to civic duty, but is also because this is an election that could very well determine the survival of our Club. Some candidates are sympathetic to us, recognize the importance of shooting to our American and Idaho culture, and believe in its' importance. However, there are candidates who would rather sell or lease the land our club has enjoyed, over the last several decades for exorbitant prices in order to fund airport special projects.
    Because of this, we would like to offer you our political endorsements unanimously approved by your Board of Directors for Kootenai County Commissioners:

Leslie Duncan: Leslie has been the one commissioner who has shown a consistent interest in maintaining our Club's future existence at our present location. She is the one reasonable voice and is a true supporter of the 2nd amendment. She fully understands the impact our Club has on the future of shotgun sports in training youth and women in a safe, fun and competitive environment within Kootenai County. For more information go to or contact her at

Bruce Mattare: Bruce is running against current commissioner, Chris Fillios. Please view the YouTube video link on our on our Facebook page or at to form your own opinion of Chris. After viewing this video, your Board now more clearly understands why Mr. Fillios has been reluctant to meet with us to discuss our lease situation. Bruce, on the other hand, is a lifetime NRA member. He is a true fiscal conservative Republican, a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment, and a very successful small business owner. This is his first time running for political office.
For more information go to or contact Bruce at