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Our board meetings are are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm at the clubhouse.

CZ-USA DEMO DAYS!  Matt Harvey with CZ-USA will be here on Saturday and Sunday, June 10th and 11th
with several of his demo shotguns for members to try out!  Saturday hours are 12pm – 4pm and Sunday
9am – 12pm.  He’ll have a booth set up in front of the clubhouse for members to come by and see some
of the shotguns that CZ-USA has to offer.  Several models are made specifically for ladies.  Members will
be able to try out the shotguns at no charge; the only requirement is that factory ammunition must be used. 
In addition to being able to try out these shotguns, Matt will be offering a discount towards the purchase of a
CZ shotgun.  Come on out and have some fun!

SUMMER LEAGUE – summer league is a fun and casual way to keep up your shooting skills.  League starts June 21st and runs for 6 weeks.  Scores can be shot anytime during the 6 weeks, you just need to be signed up by July 2nd.  Teams can consist of up to 6 people for a fee of $60 or individuals are welcome to participate for $10.  Your paid fee includes the BBQ on Thursday, August 24th.  Additional tickets to the BBQ can be purchased for $15. 

LOCKERS – We’ve recently installed an additional 6 lockers!  Annual rent is $60.  These will go fast once fall rolls around, so if you’re interested in renting one – don’t wait! 

ANNUAL MEETING – The 2017 annual meeting for the Coeur d’Alene Skeet and Trap Club will be held on Wednesday, July 12th, at 5:30pm in the clubhouse.  We’ll go over what has been accomplished during the past 12 months and what we hope to accomplish during the upcoming months. 

YOUTH TEAM – The Hayden Longshots will be accepting new team members for the 2017-2018 shooting season.  Any youth 5th through 12th grade is welcome.  If they have not yet tried shotgun sports, please give the club a call to make an appointment so they can come out and give it a try before the fall session begins.  If you have further questions in regards to this youth team, please don’t hesitate to give Rhonda a call.

HAYDEN LONGSHOTS – (photo from Facebook with team and awards).  The Hayden Longshots won third place in the team division at the 2017 Idaho State Youth Shoot.  Congratulations to them!

TRAP 2 – If you’ve been out to the club recently, you’ve probably notice that trap field #2 has had some modifications made to it.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new Pat Trap machine to be installed.  A big THANK YOU to the Idaho Friends of NRA and the NRA Foundation for the grant funds that allowed us to purchase this machine.  We’d also like to thank Russ Grant and Allyn Kerr for making the necessary modifications to the trap house so the machine will fit. 

SUMMER VOLUNTEERS – We are currently looking for members who are willing to volunteer their time to assist us here at the club.  With the summer season approaching, we are often in need of a volunteer to pull 5-stand and training for this takes less than 5 minutes.  Our greatest need is on the week-ends.  For every 10 hours of volunteer time, members are able to purchase a standard punch card at the volunteer rate (currently $25) so this is a great way to offset the cost of shooting.  PARENTS – this is a great way to have your youth shooter spend some of their free time this summer!  If you’re able to help out for either a single day or several days, please let Rhonda or Tahnee know.

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – Michael Self has been shooting clay targets for 6 years now.  He’ll be graduating from Coeur d’Alene High this month where he’s been a part of their shooting team for four years now.  He plans to continue shooting while attending the University of Idaho in Moscow this fall.  His current shotgun is a Beretta 12 gauge O/U.  He’s been a member of NSSA for almost two years now so it’s no surprise that his favorite game is skeet.

Click Here For Winter League Team Sign-up Sheets.  Click Here For The 2017 Winter League Rules.


Remember first that safety is of paramount concern to all in handling firearms, so never let your barrel point at anyone, even if the action is open and apparently empty! It will offend! Load your gun only when on the shooting station. Follow all the safety rules in the rule book carefully and don’t be offended if you are corrected about one of them. Remember also that both eye and ear protection are required for everyone on a field.

Almost all will welcome you to shoot with them on a squad. Introduce yourself if you are new to the club or squad and conversely to a newcomer. If you are new to the sport, tell your squad mates that this is the case. If you are an experienced shooter, help welcome newcomers and explain rules and perhaps suggestions regarding conduct without being rude or obnoxious. Don’t coach new shooters unless requested, and almost always do separately and not at all in registered matches.

If shooting is occurring on the field, remember that your behavior in the background, clubhouse porch or parking lot can be very distracting to those trying to concentrate on their shooting. In the clubhouse never handle other people’s guns without asking permission. Be sure your gun’s action is open or if an over-under, closed only when in the rack. Open it immediately upon picking it up!

On the field, be ready to step up and shoot when it is your turn, not chatting in the background. While shooting, be very careful what you do with your gun and shells. Don’t eject your shells into the puller, referee or squad mates. If on the field, stay back where you are not in the shooter’s peripheral vision. While shooting, turn off your cell phone and be quiet when a shooter is on the pad. Refrain from smoking dur¬ing the round. During shooting, remember that other shooters on the squad are working hard so no matter how badly you may be shooting, don’t let your pique become a distraction to them.

Safety and Etiquette – With the start of winter league around the corner, it seemed like a great time to remind everyone of the club’s safety rules and etiquette.

With the start of winter league around the corner, it seemed like a great time to remind everyone of the club's safety rules and etiquette.

1.  No alcoholic beverages allowed before shooting or on club premises during regular shooting hours. Individuals under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to shoot.

2. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for the shooters and all other individuals on shooting fields.

3. When not on a shooting station, you must have all actions open and double barrel guns broken at all times.

4. Do not load shells until positioned on a proper shooting station and it is your turn to shoot. Shoot at authorized targets only.

5. Never come off of a shooting station with a loaded gun. If a live shell becomes jammed in a guns action, do not take the gun into clubhouse to clear without staff permission.

6. Use only 71/2 shot or smaller with a MAXIMUM 3 DRAM equivalent powder charge. Use only target load shells, high base hunting type loads ARE NOT allowed.

7. Never allow the muzzle to point at anyone or in an unsafe direction. Open all actions and unload all firearms when anyone is downrange.

8. Do not enter an active field until shooting has concluded. Always be aware of flying targets and target fragments.

9. When using an automatic shotgun for trap, use shell catcher or rubber band to restrict flying hulls from hitting others.

10. 5-stand participants may fire two shells at the single target. If the target is hit with the first shell, the shooter must unload their firearm before shooting proceeds. Gun barrels are to remain between the upright poles of each shooting cage when loaded. Shooters must remain in the shooting cage until all shooters have completed their round.