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Seat 5: Justin Alberts (Interim Board Member)
Seat 1: Lynn Porter 2018-2021
Seat 2: Ben Higgs 2018-2021 (Interim Director)
Seat 3: Mike Zaidlicz 2018-2021 (Interim Director)
Seat 4: Ed Wagner 2019-2022
Seat 7: Steve Thurman 2019-2023
Seat 6: Dave Thompson 2019-2022
Seat 8: Greg Wrigley 2020-2023
Seat 9: Gale Akers 2020-2023
Introducing our new interim board member: Justin Alberts! Justin says "I have been a member of the club since 2007-ish. I enjoy hanging out at the club whenever I can, helping out and meeting other shooters and families. I hope to help the club out any way I can and see it grow with new shooters of all ages."