Five Stand is a cross between trap, skeet and sporting clays with the advantage that it is more action-packed than trap, has more crossing/flying patterns than skeet and is faster than sporting clays.  Of all the shooting games, 5-Stand is probably the closest to a small game/bird hunting simulation.  Traps are changed frequently to offer new and unique challenges to our shooters.  

Five Stand consists of five shooting stands or stations to shoot from. Clays are thrown from between six to eight traps.  Traps can be placed ahead of the shooting stations, to the left, right, straight ahead, above, below and even behind the shooter at assorted yardages.  The traps are aligned to throw various crossing, sliding, dropping and some of the most challenging stand and fall patterns that replicate overhead teal. Five stand shooters take turns at each of the five stands, shooting three combinations then rotating to the next stand.  The combinations are listed as "menus" and placed on or in front of the turns.The combination will begin with a single thrown clay from station six, for example, on the first shot, moving to a report double on the second combo and then a true double on the third combination.  Each stand will have a different combination listed on the menu at their location.

Participants shoot the first menu line combination, then the shooter will wait for the next four shooters to take their turn.  After the other shooters have completed line one, each shoot menu line two, wait for the other shooters to complete their turn, then proceed to line three. After completion by all five shooters of those three combinations, each shooter rotates to the next stand and repeats the process.  The shooters rotate from one stand to the next until they are back at their starting stand.  While clays are flying from the left, from the right, shooting straight up in the air and zipping overhead, a scorekeeper is keeping track.  Scoring is quite simple, the shooter that broke the most clays in the end wins!

Equipment required:

Shotgun - 12 gauge shotgun or smaller of any type as long as it fires two shells.
Ammunition - 30 shells, 7.5 shot or smaller, same gauge as the gun.
A shell holder you wear to carry your ammo as you move between stands or a shooting vest.
Ear Protection - mandatory
Eye Protection - mandatory

All shooters are required to pick up hulls after the round of five stand is completed, leaving the field clean and ready for the next shooter to use.

Illustration provided by Clay Shooting Magazine


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